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 How To Application Should Be Filled Out

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PostSubject: How To Application Should Be Filled Out   Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:07 pm

Questions And Answer Them Truthfully.

1. Have you ever been an mod, admin etc.??
2. Have you ever gotten, Banned before if so what was the reason.
3. Do You Have Any Experience On Being An Mod Or Staff Before?
4. Do You No How To Take An Simple Picture And Upload It On A Site If Show Show Me.
5. Do You No Anything About Coding If So Post An Simple Code Here Don't Copy Other People's Work.
6. What Was The Last Server You Played? And How Was The Staff....
7. What Would You Change About My Server Be Honest..
8. Do You Play Private Servers Alot Explain In Hours 1-3 3-5 And So On..
9. Give Me An Simple Command That An Owner Has Or Mod Or Admin. Don't Copy Other People Again.
10. How Old Are You?
11.Whats Your Email Address For I Can Contact You If There's An Emergency On The Server..
12.Whats Your Real Name Because I Don't Like Calling People There Gaming Name..
13. Whats Your Name In The Game In Case You Become Part Of The Staff Environment.
14.If You Are Picked To Be Part Of The Staff Do You Promise To Help People Out?
15.The Question Above Your Not Lieng Are You Just To Become An Staff Member Are You?
16.Whats Your Current Combat Level And What's Your Highest Skill?
17.How Would You Explain For New Users To Get Money Whats An Tip Tell Me..
18.How Did You Make Money??
19. Whats The Best Way To Make Money...
20. How Do People Get Rares And Will You Promise To Report People If They Break Any Rules
21. Arent You Glad This Is The Last Question?
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PostSubject: Re: How To Application Should Be Filled Out   Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:32 am

1. Yes i have been admin and mod on other servers.
2. I got banned on other servers not this one, Reason. Spamming their servers when they spamm server that im mod and admin on.
3. Yes i guess so i have a experience.
4. I guess so. im not really sure, im 70% sure
5. I dont know how to code game, sorry, but i can send you an post or something, couse im mod on on server and te co owner is telling all the gaming code, most of it.
6. Last server, Dodian, kinda good staff.
7. To be honest i would delete barrows, they give to much + bonus
8. I play private server alot, like 1-3 than i go lil out than i go again for like 1,3 so its like 3-6 hours a day i guess. sometime i play lil more than that.
9. I dont get this question.
10. 1994 .. 14.
11. Ragnarhvad@hotmail.com I dont really use it, i checck my posts with it
13. Svensk
14. Lol if i would be picked to be staff, ofcourse would i help people out, im beeing staff for nothing.
15. Im not lieing any of those questions, ( Sorry if im answering wrong i dont get this question.
16.I thinks its 22 Combat and mage is like 34 lol, i have just been maging
17. I would tell them use an ancient staff and kill Wizards behind seers bank to get Holy book and sell in mage guild for 11m
18. Im trying to get holy book to sell for 11m, i dont got it atm.
19. Kill wizard for holy book i guess
20.People get rares by getting 85 thieving and open chests, and yes i will promise to report for breaking any rules
21. Not really, i could answer few more questions, it wasent boring. Smile,

22. Btw i play the real game to. that layton hosted and that stuff. They well changed the source.


Now i gvot holy book and glory.

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PostSubject: Re: How To Application Should Be Filled Out   Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:50 pm

1. No i have never been a mod or admin.
2. Yes but on rs for spamming.
3. A little.
5. Sort of 50%.
6. No sorry i dont know how to code a game.
7. Nothing it is good the way it is.
8. Yes i do play private servers alot about 6 hrs a day maybe more.
9. I dont know any sorry.
10. 1994 14
11. ash.n@hotmail.com
12. Ash
13. Mega
14. Yes, i would help out, that why im becoming staff.
15. No i wouldn't lie.
16. 117 99 att 99 str 99 def.
17. I would tell them to kill nech hes a hi lvl but he cant hit and he drop abby wip and munny.
18. I did what it says to to above.
19. Get orange key and kill the barrow guys for barrows.
20. Open chests, i promise to report peolple because there are some bwts who break the rules.
21. Not realy this was fun. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: How To Application Should Be Filled Out   

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How To Application Should Be Filled Out
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