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 hey this is skillerz

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PostSubject: hey this is skillerz   Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:38 am

Edited By Shadow Skiller Answer these questions..
1. Have you ever been an mod, admin etc.?? yes i have once or twice but the servers shut down now
2. Have you ever gotten, Banned before if so what was the reason. i have goten banded for advertising
3. Do You Have Any Experience On Being An Mod Or Staff Before? yes on the server i was a admin on every one was asking for help
4. Do You No How To Take An Simple Picture And Upload It On A Site If Show Show Me.no i am so sorry i dont know that
5. Do You No Anything About Coding If So Post An Simple Code Here Don't Copy Other People's Work. no i dont code i help out Smile
6. What Was The Last Server You Played? And How Was The Staff....magic-scape.no-ip.org and it was ok beacuase all the updates and after all that went threw it was ok but this server is better
7. What Would You Change About My Server Be Honest..how to make people better and show them around if they would wish
8. Do You Play Private Servers Alot Explain In Hours 1-3 3-5 And So On.. 5-7
9. Give Me An Simple Command That An Owner Has Or Mod Or Admin. Don't Copy Other People Again. ::master ::pure ::xteletome ::xteleto ::banuser and more
10. How Old Are You? 15
11.Whats Your Email Address For I Can Contact You If There's An Emergency On The Server.. coolcathomey@yahoo.com
12.Whats Your Real Name Because I Don't Like Calling People There Gaming Name.. ash just call me ash
13. Whats Your Name In The Game In Case You Become Part Of The Staff Environment. skillerz
14.If You Are Picked To Be Part Of The Staff Do You Promise To Help People Out? yes like i said that wat i pretty much do
15.The Question Above Your Not Lieng Are You Just To Become An Staff Member Are You? i never scam people like that if i am a staff i must listen and help others
16.Whats Your Current Combat Level And What's Your Highest Skill? 99 str and im lvl 115
17.How Would You Explain For New Users To Get Money Whats An Tip Tell Me.. go to the dungeon and get some stuff there
18.How Did You Make Money?? dungeon
19. Whats The Best Way To Make Money... dungeon or get bones and sell them
20. How Do People Get Rares And Will You Promise To Report People If They Break Any Rules. idk how to get a rare because i dont think that red p hats are rare on this server and i will always report rule breakers
21. Arent You Glad This Is The Last Question? not really i like typeing at questions helping out

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PostSubject: Re: hey this is skillerz   Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:54 am

hi skillerz it mega i think that me and you would make good mods. lol! i hope he does make us mods see u soon on peekay-scape.
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PostSubject: Re: hey this is skillerz   Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:35 am

ha ha i hav a higher combat lvl than you lol! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: hey this is skillerz   

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hey this is skillerz
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