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 Mega - Application

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PostSubject: Mega - Application   Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:26 pm

1. No i have never been a mod or admin.
2. Yes but on rs for spamming.
3. A little.
5. Sort of 50%.
6. No sorry i dont know how to code a game.
7. Nothing it is good the way it is.
8. Yes i do play private servers alot about 6 hrs a day maybe more.
9. I dont know any sorry.
10. 1994 14
11. ash.n@hotmail.com
12. Ash
13. Mega
14. Yes, i would help out, that why im becoming staff.
15. No i wouldn't lie.
16. 117 99 att 99 str 99 def.
17. I would tell them to kill nech hes a hi lvl but he cant hit and he drop abby wip and munny.
18. I did what it says to to above.
19. Get orange key and kill the barrow guys for barrows.
20. Open chests, i promise to report peolple because there are some bwts who break the rules.
21. Not realy this was fun.
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Mega - Application
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